Overview and Good Practices of e-Health Monitoring in Europe and the World– Results from the e-Health Benchmarking and the e-Health indicators studies Ingo Meyer, empirica GmbH, Bonn (Germany)

    Monitoring and Benchmarking eHealth in Europe and the World (171KB PDF)

Good Practice Case: Hospitals: The eHospital Census – An Assessment of Current Healthcare IT Application Profiles and Future Outlook for eHealth in European Hospitals (Europe) Uwe Buddrus, dii GmbH, Leipzig (Germany)

   The eHospital Census A Continuous Assessment of Current Hospital IT Installations in Europe (154KB PDF)

 Good Practice Case: Hospitals: The use of ICT in the Health and Social Welfare Sector (Greece) Foteini Psarra, ATLANTIS Research, Thessaloniki (Greece)

  Study on the use of ICT in the Health and Social Security Sector in Greece (213KB PDF)

Good Practice Case: GPs and Citizens: Perceptions et usages des NTIC dans la santé en France 2007 - 2008 (France) France Lafisse, Patrice Cristofini, Orange Healthcare, Paris (France)

Good Practice Case: GPs: ICT and e-Health use among General Practitioners in Europe 2007 Werner B. Korte, empirica GmbH, Bonn (Germany)

Statements on the Future of e-Health Monitoring and Benchmarking in Europe:
IT industry perspective: Veronique Lessens, AGFA & COCIR

 Monitoring and Benchmarking eHealth in Europe and the World - An IT industry perspective (81KB PDF)

Healthcare provider perspective: Pascal Garel, European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE)

 Monitoring and Benchmaring eHealth in Europe (and the world) - Healthcare provider perspective (168KB PDF)

National government perspective: Luc Nicolas, Federal Public Service Public Health, Belgium

 Workshop: Monitoring and Benchmarking eHealth in Europe and the World - National Government Perspective (122KB PDF)

Health service provider perspective: Prof. Dr. Michael Thick, NHS, United Kingdom

 Monitoring and benchmarking eHealth in England. (115KB PDF)

Consumer perspective: Catherine E. Chronaki, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), Greece

 Monitoring & Benchmarking e-Health in Europe and the World: the Consumer Perspective (221KB PDF)

Medical association perspective: Vincenzo Costigliola, European Medical Association (EMA)

European Commission policy perspective: Michael Palmer, European Commission DG Information Society and Media, Unit H1