Overview and Good Practices of e-Health Monitoring in Europe and the World– Results from the e-Health Benchmarking and the e-Health indicators studies

Ingo Meyer, empirica GmbH, Bonn (Germany)

Good Practice Case: Hospitals: The eHospital Census – An Assessment of Current Healthcare IT Application Profiles and Future Outlook for eHealth in European Hospitals (Europe)

Uwe Buddrus, dii GmbH, Leipzig (Germany)
The eHospital Census developed a comprehensive overview of the installed base of healthcare IT systems in acute/general hospitals (excluding long stay psychiatric or geriatric) by major segments as defined in Europe and assesses the future development of healthcare IT in hospitals. The primary objectives are fulfilled by: Mapping supplier application profiles, Mapping hospital application profiles, Assessing progress towards eHealth, Identifying practical transition steps. Overall, the information supplied shall enable strategic planning for Marketing and Sales functions of leading suppliers of healthcare IT systems and related services by supplying in-depth information on the current situation, which in conjunction with the data on future developments will allow accurate projections for the market potential at segment level and in connection with in-house sales data for own sales in the short to medium term future.

Good Practice Case: Hospitals: The use of ICT in the Health and Social Welfare Sector (Greece)

Foteini Psarra, ATLANTIS Research, Thessaloniki (Greece)
The study identified the perceptions of employees in public and private health institutions as well as in public social welfare organisations concerning the use of ICT in their work. The results of the surveys shall be combined with best practices concerning the use of eHealth in other countries and input about the future needs of the health and social welfare sector in terms of ICT that will be obtained by the means of workshops and personal interviews.

Good Practice Case: GPs and Citizens: Perceptions et usages des NTIC dans la santé en France 2007 - 2008 (France)

Patrice Cristofini, Orange Healthcare, Paris (France)
The survey included 1000 citizens, 200 General Practitioners and 200 Specialists in each of the countries covered by the survey (SE, FR, PL, ES, UK) on the base of a common questionnaire. The questions dealt with the current use of ICT in the health sector by both the citizens and health professionals as well as with the prospective use of ICT in this domain.

Good Practice Case: GPs: ICT and e-Health use among General Practitioners in Europe 2007 (Europe)

Ingo Meyer, empirica GmbH, Bonn (Germany)
The “Pilot on eHealth Indicators” study was carried out by empirica in association with IPSOS on behalf of the European Commission, Information Society and Media Directorate-General. The purpose of the study was to measure the availability and use of ICT by primary care physicians in the EU27 and EEA countries, achieved by means of a survey of almost 7000 primary care physicians on their use of ICT for communicating with patients and for communication between primary and secondary care and other eHealth agencies. Through this survey up-to-date information and data on eHealth developments was obtained. In addition 29 Country Briefs for each of the Member States, Norway and Iceland were developed. The survey addressed questions of infrastructure availability as well as the use of different ICT/eHealth applications in General Practitioner practices across Europe.

Plenary discussion and the Future of e-Health Monitoring and Benchmarking in Europe

IT industry perspective: Veronique Lessons, AGFA & COCIR

OECD perspective: Elettra Ronchi

European Commission policy perspective: Ilias Iacovidis, European Commission DG Information Society and Media, Unit H1