The study

Today, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are used in many areas of the health system - including hospitals, doctors' practices, pharmacies, insurances and other reimbursers etc. - constituting what is commonly referred to as eHealth. Despite this continuing trend, comprehensive empirical information on the deployment and use of eHealth are hard to find.

Against this background, the eHealth Benchmarking study aims to identify and collect quantitative and qualitative evidence of eHealth deployment and use in the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Canada and the United States - with a particular focus on measurements specified in the European Union's eHealth Action Plan. Sources to be covered include healthcare associations and bodies, international organisations such as OECD and WHO, IT industry, national statistical institutes and authorities at regional and national level.

This information will not only help to better understand eHealth progress but also to identify main gaps, obstacles and barriers in relation to eHealth monitoring / benchmarking to be overcome in the next few years.




eHealth use among primary care physicians in Europe of great international interest - presentation at a conference in Victoria, Canada

21 February 2009. empirica research consultant Ingo Meyer presented the outcomes of the eHealth Indicators survey on ICT use among European General Practitioners and of the eHealth Benchmarking study at the ITCH 2009 in Victoria,...

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