empirica presents the results of the study on "ICT and eHealth use among General Practitioners in Europe" at the European Ministerial eHealth Conference 2008

The study carried out for the European Commission DG INFSO and Media included a survey of almost 7,000 primary care physicians on their use of ICT and internet for communication with patients and between primary and secondary care and other health agencies was carried out in 2007

Indicators eHealth: French translation of country profile available

The French results of the ICT and eHealth survey among General Practitoners are now available in a French translation under the title: "Analyse comparative sur l’usage des TIC par les médecins généralistes européens en 2007." The translation was kindly prepared by Jean-Jacques Fraslin and is available on the website of

HIT Congress 2009: empirica presents results of eHealth Benchmarking and Good eHealth studies

Mon, 8 Jun 2009 empirica researcher Jörg Artmann was invited to this year's Health Information Technologies Congress in Paris to present and discuss results of the eHealth Benchmarking and Good Practice eHealth studies. Together with fellow discussants Martin Denz, president of EHTEL and Pascal Garel, president of HOPE, the current eHealth situation in Europe and the challenges related to measuring eHealth progress were critically reviewed. A short analytical paper on the challenges related to measuring eHealth is available under the title: "Mesurer le progrès dans le domaine de la e-Santé Benchmarking et « bonnes pratiques »" (eHealth Benchmarking and Good Practices), written by Jörg Artmann with the support of Ingo Meyer and Maike Didero, empirica GmbH. For more information see as pdf file:  Mesurer le progrès dans le domaine de la e-Santé Benchmarking et « bonnes pratiques »

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